An Application for Benefits is effective the Sunday that begins the week in which you apply for benefits.The Application for Benefits date determines your base year and your benefit year.According to Shuty, he was terminated from his employment in New York on September 9, 2011, and he applied for benefits in New York immediately thereafter on either September 11th, 12th or 13th. The Board rejected Shuty's testimony that he filed a claim in New York shortly after he was terminated on September 9 and we are bound by that credibility determination. of Prof'l & Occupational Affairs, 954 A.2d 769, 775 n.7 (Pa. 2008) (holding issue of capricious disregard of evidence waived where not raised in statement of questions involved).

Before DOYLE and FLAHERTY, JJ., and MIRARCHI, Jr., Senior Judge. However, the Job Center representative also told Claimant that due to a pending appeal, that he should continue to file claims for benefits.

When Claimant filed his application for benefits he was informed by a Job Center representative that he would be ineligible to receive benefits due to receipt of a pension.

Claimant was last employed on March 29, 1996, and filed an application for benefits effective March 31, 1996.

Blaze, Deputy Chief Counsel, Harrisburg, for respondent. Menalis (Claimant) petitions for review from an order of the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review (Board) which denied him unemployment compensation benefits pursuant to Section 401(b) of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law (Law).

Qualifying Wages: You must have worked at least two calendar quarters of your Base period, and have enough wages.

Under the present Law, you may be eligible monetarily if you were paid wages in covered employment of at least 8.00 in the calendar quarter of your period in which your wages were the maximum and your total base period wages were no less than one and a half times the wages paid in that highest quarter.You will file your biweekly claim for the first and second weeks of your claim during the third week of your claim.You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the Pennsylvania UC Law, until you receive your maximum benefit entitlement or until your benefit year ends.Claims for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania are based on a calendar week; that is, seven continuous days beginning with a Sunday and ending with a Saturday of that week.The extent of your unemployment, your earnings and your eligibility status during each calendar week determine whether you are eligible for benefits for that week and the amount of benefits payable to you.A few states have standardized benefit duration, while most have different durations depending upon the worker.