Well, MUK guys have stolen all the shine from other campuses.

It is so easy to forget that we have over 40 universities in this country! The pride of the “Nodern rezon” (In Acholi accent) has a vibrant lifestyle that will shock many.

The production quality of the fast paced, catchy beat outright clears all questioning of the lyrical content, and that is what makes Die Antwoord’s music so powerful.

The plot is boy-meets-babe basic — just double up on the babes. Turitz keeps it comic and romantic in just the right doses.

Dating loser Marty Sachs (a solid Ron Livingston) is ready to dump Gotham for less-competitive Maine when, boom, he meets two willing Ninas — Cohen (Cara Buono) and Harris (Amanda Peet) — and tries to juggle them both.

How to Find a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy in Atlanta, Georgia?

How to Find a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Ladies and gentlemen, the 10 things that only happen in Gulu freshly peeled for your consumption…

"Two Ninas" marks a lively debut for writer-director Neil Turitz. Peet is a scrappy pleasure, and "Law and Order" rerun freaks will be jazzed by Jill Hennessy as a Texas bartender. Things related to riding gear can be the best choice.Find time to the local motorcycle gear shop for women helmet, gloves, clothes, motorcycle decorations and other riding gear.Review: If you want the best and most glamorous babes, then you should look no further than the Babes Network.This is a gorgeous spot packed full of action with over 600 video scenes and as many picture galleries that come in amazing quality.How to Find a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy in Boston, Massachusetts?