Individuals on the Autism Spectrum really benefit from social stories, but adolescence is tough for everyone.

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The way to Paulette's heart is through her Outlook calendar.

“Honestly, if you want to be romantic with me, send an email through Outlook and give me all the possible dates, locations, and times, so that I can prepare,” she said.

For individuals with as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), dating can be a real challenge. Michelle Garcia Winner has done excellent work in this area.

It is a misconception that people on the spectrum don’t want relationships – often they do, but they just don’t know how to meet people or understand the nuances of relationships. Her book teaches perspective taking, facing social challenges, creating thinking flexibility and building strong friendships.

Having successful friendships can set the groundwork for successful dating later on.

If you can’t have a friendship, how can you expect to have an intimate relationship with someone?Social stories for teenagers are a way to play out a common peer pressure situation in a way students will understand.Peer pressure is not always negative, but it is the negative peer pressure that young people struggle with on a daily basis."Most people will relate to the way he puts into the words the difficulties [of] dating.The way he describes some situations is basically how everyone feels, but most people don't actually put it into words.", creator Robia Rashid made sure to consult with a California State University professor who worked at UCLA's Center for Autism Research and Treatment while working on the production in order to get the story right, but emphasizes that the show doesn't speak for all those who've been diagnosed with autism.Start establishing appropriate behavior and habits earlier, rather than later, to avoid issues as your child gets older.