He is known for his roles on American television series, such as Jimmy Olsen on Smallville and Steve Jinks on Warehouse 13.He plays Johnny Jaqobis on the Canadian television series Killjoys.He is none other than the very brilliant and very versatile Aaron Richard Ashmore.

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Ashmore had starring roles on Animorphs as Jake Berenson and In a Heartbeat as Tyler Connell.

In December 2004, Ashmore was cast in the lead role in the Sci Fi Channel mini series Legend of Earthsea, based on the novels by Ursula K. He played the role of Ged, a young wizard-in-training, who takes advice from a Magus (Danny Glover) and falls in love with Tenar (Kristin Kreuk), the protege of the High Priestess of the Tombs of Atuan (Isabella Rossellini).

Ashmore also plays the main character, Jack Joyce, in the 2016 video game Quantum Break. He is the identical twin brother of actor Aaron Ashmore.

On 3 October 2016, he debuted in his role of Sam Spencer in the new U. the son of Linda, a homemaker, and Rick Ashmore, a manufacturing engineer. Albert, Alberta and Brampton, Ontario, where he attended Turner Fenton Secondary School, and Earnscliffe Senior Public School. Aaron and Shawn have played twins in several movies, but have also pursued roles independently.

He is the identical twin brother of actor Shawn Ashmore.

Aaron Ashmore is known for playing Marc Hall in Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story.

He has shined in all of his roles in TV shows and pictures and this has made him the actor he is today.

He is not only an astonishing actor but also a very handsome man and his attractive smile has flattered women in the past and will keep on doing so in future.

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