At the heart of the Gtech e Bike is our latest Lithium-ion battery, the same, light-weight, high performance technology that is used to power electric cars – giving you a range of up to 30 miles*.Kajeet is, appropriately enough, an anagram of the first letters of the names of the company founders’ children.

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Average price taken from the Adult rate Tube., DLR and London Underground fares TFL price list for an annual travel card as of April 2015. If, up to 14 days after you have received your e Bike you are not 100% satisfied, simply call our customer services team on: 01905 344 000 All we ask is that you keep the e Bike in good condition and adopt a fair usage frame of mind, ensuring there is no damage to the bike outside of the usual minimal wear and tear you would expect from up to 14 days usage or a few rides.

We recommend that you keep your packaging for 14 days.

We believe that responsible use of technology can enhance kids’ lives, helping them to navigate their world in a way that offers upward mobility, freedom and connection. We want them to be empowered, safe and agile with technology.

Want to dig deeper into these sorts of ideas and issues? This is why Kajeet has designed two separate divisions to cater to the needs of these children.

The Gtech e Bike will let you fall in love with cycling again. Simply pedal your Gtech electric bicycle for an easy journey. We’ve replaced it with a clean carbon belt drive as used on high-performance motor cycles.

Ride it like a normal bike, but as soon as you pedal, you’ll feel the difference as a powerful lithium-ion battery and motor give you a boost whenever you need it. A built in computer continually measures your pedaling, smoothly adjusting the power to give you a boost when you need it.

Kajeet was started because we live in a technological world – there’s no escaping it!