There is the violence issue to contend with as well.

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" The question is entirely legitimate as many families continue to choose to use spanking, or other forms of corporal punishment as a means to get their children to listen.

Spanking and similar corporal punishments are often effective in the short-term.

When Heffer is told that he is adopted he asks about a birthmark (which is a butcher's outline for cutting beef) but in any other segment of the show when Heffer's birthmark aria is shown there is no birthmark.

Whatever your child's age, it's important to be consistent when it comes to discipline.

Most of girls (guys as well) live with their parents and parents always call them asking when they will be back home.

If she receives a call at 10-11 pm and you hear her saying “There was a cultural belief (and it is still widely present in rural areas) that a woman should be a virgin when she gets married.

By spanking children, parents are modeling violent behavior for their children, teaching them in some sense that "might makes right".

Georgians have babies delivered via high-tech drones operated by Amazon…

of course this is not true and there is dating in Georgia. Don’t do tank tops unless you have a body of Ryan Gossling.

You might even say we are in the middle of the revolution. Georgian girls like to bring friends on their dates.

Because of the fear of a sore bottom (or after feeling the effects of the spanking), children will typically stop engaging in the behavior that got them in trouble.