The exception is Black Berry devices, as the manufacturers RIM use their own server.Our content control prevents access to 18-rated content on Vodafone live!This sends a strong message on what is going on inside the site and who is in there.

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Have been with O2 for over 3 years, but virgin is looking mighty tempting to me.

Content control is our network bar, which is already in place on most of the devices we offer.

Plus they have been in this business for years now.

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Here is our take on this site, reviewing the good and the bad sides to help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

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But all of a sudden they have asked me for age verification to download a game, and have the gall to ask for money for this, as I have never encountered this before is O2 in financial trouble and just want to grap the most cash it can from its customers before it goes belly up, or what is more likely its trying to restrict downloads.

Tried to contact customer services about this with the normal success rating you get for this.

The only problem is you really can’t open it on public computers.