In the sudden quiet after the evacuation the cows had died by the thousands in those pastures, slowly, lowing with pain from unmilked udders.

But now the farmers who grew sugar beets in those fields were blessed, they said, by the bones. Three years later when my sister talked about leaving Tucson to work in the cotton fields around Chinandega, where farmers were getting ambushed while they walked home with their minds on dinner, all I could think of was France. Somehow we protect ourselves; it's the nearest I could come to imagining Nicaragua.

cycles and a machine that promised to melt off pounds with the help of a rubber suit and a vacuum.

Of course, whatever your childhood is like, it's no fun being fat.

The Blue Fairy is famous for being the one to grant Pinocchio's wish to be a real boy.

It would appear that she has very powerful magic and can grant essentially any wish.

Might be a bit noisy sometimes as the planes take off or land, yet the airport traffic is almost not existing at night Featuring free Wi-Fi throughout, Air Ciampino B&B is a 10-minute walk from Ciampino Train Station.

Several shops and restaurants can be found in the immediate surroundings.With a balcony, the air-conditioned rooms are decorated with wooden floors and come with a flat-screen TV. Ciampino Airport is a 5-minute drive from the Air Ciampino.Each has a private bathroom equipped with a hairdryer. A bus, with links to Anagina Metro Station in Rome, stops 350 feet away. They were the first casualties of the German occupation. Hallie is the one who went south, with her pickup truck and her crop-disease books and her heart dead set on a new world. I stood on a battleground once too, but it was forty years after the fighting was all over: northern France, in 1982, in a field where the farmers' plow blades kept turning up the skeletons of cows.Even though I know the bones in that ground aren't animal bones.